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This New Trend Could Be The Solution To Your Home Office Woes!

Studio Shed prefabricated home office

You may have heard of a “she shed”, but what about a “work-from-home” shed? With working from home becoming the new normal, many are finding out that discipline while working is harder to achieve at home. With kids or pets running around, your spouse also working nearby, and the constant reminders of house work you could be doing, it can be incredibly hard to stay focused. However, a new trend is to turn your backyard shed into a secluded work from home space.

Finding a space for a home office can be difficult. Creating a makeshift office in an existing room of your house may not be practical, and building an addition onto a home is expensive, disruptive, and time consuming.  For many, a good option could be to purchase a prefabricated shed that can be separate from the house. This option is more affordable and a quicker solution to permanent construction.

There are many options to choose from when looking for a prefabricated shed. Studio Shed, Modern Shed, Kanga Room Systems and other companies provide numerous options when it comes to design, functionality, and square footage. Many of these sheds can be finished like a home with full insulation and electrical wiring but can also be made small enough to not require the same kinds of permits.

Studio Shed prefabricated home office

For basic units, prices vary between companies with the lowest between $5,000 and $10,000 and will increase with material choice, finishes and installation. With high end finishes, the price tag will go up, but the benefit of investing in a space that will help you be more productive and maybe even enjoy working may outweigh the cost.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, sales for custom shed companies have drastically increased, as shown with Kanga Room Systems reporting their monthly unit sales increasing from five or six to 15 to 20. This increase goes to show that this is a booming trend, and it may be worthwhile to research if building a work shed is the right move for you.

By Shelby R. Todd

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