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Keeping Your Utility Bills In Check During A Crazy Summer

This summer has looked a bit different than any we have experienced before. With most people staying at home much more than normal, the result is the rise of household utility bills. According to a study by Arcadia, 1 in 3 Americans can expect to see an increase of 10% or more on their utility bill this summer. The summer heat and just a general increase of use of energy may be spiking your bills, but there are steps you can take to try to decrease your costs. 


Check your AC

High temperatures mean that many people are cranking their AC’s to keep their homes cool. Heating and cooling your home takes up a lot of energy, so ensuring your AC system is working efficiently is a good first step. Make sure that you maintain your HVAC filters regularly and choose the right temperature settings to maximize your savings. Each degree above 72 that you set your thermostat to will give a 3% savings on your overall cooling expenses, so if you can be comfortable at a setting closer to the outside temperature, it will save you money on your bill.


Utilize fans when you can

An easy way to decrease cooling expenses is through the use of fans. Ceiling or standing fans may not be as effective at cooling your house as a central AC, but they use far less energy and can still give release from the heat. If you are worried about your cooling expenses for the summer, using fans could be a good option for you. 


Use cold water

A simple change you can make to save energy is by washing your clothes in a cold setting. 80% of the energy used in a washing machine comes from heating the water, so cold water settings are a great way to cut that down. You can also take this change into the shower, taking cooler showers while the weather is warm. This change can save you money in the summertime, or become your new normal, saving you around $200 annually. 


Unplug unused electronics

A small change you can make is to unplug chargers and electronics while you are not using them. Small kitchen appliances like blenders and toasters, gaming consoles and even TV’s can all be unplugged while you are not using them as a way to save some extra money on your energy bill.


Cover your windows

Shutting your blinds is a very easy way to decrease your cooling costs, as it will help to keep the room cooler and block the heat. If the room you are cooling with AC starts at a cooler temperature to begin with, you will use less energy and cut your costs. 


Make your home energy efficient

If you are looking for a long term change, an option you have is to update you AC and home appliances to more energy efficient models. Finding Energy Star certified systems that have a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and Energy Efficiency Ratio ratings can be 15% more efficient than other models. While this is a bigger investment of money and time, the long term benefits may be important to you. 


Support your local restaurants

This step not only helps you cut down on energy costs, but also helps support the businesses that are struggling through the COVID-19 pandemic. When you cook dinner at home, using your oven and stove not only uses energy, but also increases your home’s temperature by up to 10 degrees. This increase will cause your cooling system to work even harder, so take a break from cooking a few nights a week and get take out from your favorite restaurant. 


It is our hope that these simple steps will help to keep your utility bills in check during this hot Summer. Stay Cool! Stay Safe! And Stay Healthy!


The Todd Team

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